Best Practices

The following are a list of Best Practices/Recommendations when implementing Recurr on a service.

Ensure Recurr Token has sufficient entropy

Each users' Recurr Token should be a randomly generated string with sufficient entropy (16 bytes/128 bits recommended) to prevent brute-force attacks against the URL. This could be generated as a random UUID or using a custom function. An example of how this might be done in NodeJS using the built-in crypto module is below.

const token = require('crypto').randomBytes(16).toString('hex') // 9586f67464963a6ed4c6d6b7fababe23

Ensure that your feed endpoint supports gzip compression.

As the feeds are formatted as JSON and have a lot of repetition, supporting gzip compression will dramatically decrease the size of the feed, saving both your server and your user bandwidth.
This is done by default by many web servers, but in others you may have to enable this manually.
For more information on gzip compression, see the Wikipedia article here.

Use SVG Icons where possible (or 64x64 PNG).

SVG icons are generally not only smaller in file-size (thus saving bandwidth), but also scalable. For best visuals across different devices, it is recommended that all icons provided are in the SVG format.
If using a PNG file, 64x64 is the recommended resolution.